HUNQC71B424IS 348
hunter 100
QuickCheck inspection process identifies repair opportunities in 2:58.

Hunter’s patented alignment check system is the quickest way to measure alignment angles that affect tire life. The test takes less than a minute to produce total toe and camber measurements for both axles. Results are displayed on the customer printout in easy-to-understand, color-coded graphics.

Hunter’s brake performance tester provides a real-life evaluation of a vehicle’s stopping capability in seconds! The brake tester measures the timing, force and balance of the brake system and presents results on an easy-to-understand printout.

Hunter's battery health test measures a battery’s ability to carry electric current in about 20 seconds! The battery test uses patented technology from Midtronics, the industry leader in battery management, to give a quick, accurate evaluation of battery performance.

Hunter’s CodeLink for Quick Check connects directly to a vehicle OBD-II port to retrieve important information concerning emission control components and vehicle identifi cation number (VIN) in approximately 10 seconds.

In about 30 seconds, Hunter’s patented tread depth gauge provides a quick and easy assessment of tire conditions. Tread depth results are automatically sent to the console and graphically shown on the customer printout.

Model # Description


Small mobile Quick Check console 24" monitor


Drive-through Quick Check alignment sensors


Brake plates with Inflation Station and Quick Tread surface-mounted sensors


Accessory bundle Quick Tread - Codelink and battery tester