MIGR81200 348
midtronics 100
Flexible and expandable complete diagnostic station

Designed for Maximum Service Utility

  • Innovative wireless multi-tasking bridge allows users to perform battery and electrical diagnostics on other vehicles while the charger is in use
  • Quick-connect removable test cables and charging cables offer optimal service flexibility and efficiency
  • Removable controller design isolates key electronics from the heat associated with battery charging
  • Memory saver module enables service technicians to save all drivability codes and settings for anti-theft devices, clocks, keyless entry systems, alarms, cellular phones and other memory-related functions when disconnecting the vehicle battery

Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Dynamic conductance battery testing combines direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology to improve accuracy and decisiveness
  • Advanced electrical system diagnostics featuring Digital Signal Processing
  • DMM function for advanced diagnostics
  • Patented conductance cable drop test

GR8 Diagnostic Charging Functions

  • Diagnostic charging mode
  • ECM power supply mode
  • Jump start mode
  • Manual mode

Advanced Communications

  • Large back-lit graphical screen
  • Full alphanumeric keypad, including hot keys
  • USB port and data card reader/writer for easy in-field upgrades and data storage
  • Optional integrated printer