EECS306C 348
SnapOn 100
The D-TAC™ ELITE is a diagnostic charger, battery, starting and charging system tester, engine starter, DMM, cable voltage drop tester, with flash-reprogram mode and more.

Features and benefits:

  • Multi-tasking – once a diagnostic charge session has been started, the MicroVAT™ ELITE (top analyzer) can be removed from the charger and used to diagnose other vehicles while the charger continues to diagnose and charge the original battery.
  • Conductance and deep scan battery test technology with 150 amp load capability.
  • Diagnostic Charge Cycle continuously monitors battery watching trends while maximizing charge acceptance minimizing charge time.
  • Charging System Test uses the most innovative & decisive method- digital signal processing
  • Cable Voltage Drop Test – Determine health of vehicle battery cables with optional EECS306C-3 cables.
  • Digital Multi-meter – with optional EECS306C-4 lead set.
    - Low Volt Automotive, Amps, Ohms, Diode and Basic Oscilloscope
    - Temperature via optional Snap-on probes or built in infrared sensor
  • USB and Infrared (IR) connectivity
    - USB software upgradeable for future enhancements
    - USB data collection: use any thumb drive to move info to excel
    - IR & Certificate printing on PC with optional EECS306C-7
  • Built in Printer – Provides test results and custom shop information
  • 3.5 inch large full Color ¼” VGA Display – Color Icons and test result graphs
  • Visual and Voice prompts help you through the diagnostic process
  • Diagnostic Charging combines Battery Diagnostics & Charging
    - No wasted time trying to charge defective batteries
    - Battery continuously monitored
    - 150 Amp Load applied, charge progression & conductance progression
    - Temperature (temperature sensor built into unit)

Model # EECS306C

Model #


EECS306C-2 Dual Range Amp Clamp Hi (0-700A) & Lo (0-70A)
EECS306C-3 Cable Voltage Drop Test Cables
EECS306C-4 Digital Multi-meter Probe Set
EECS306C-7 IR Dongle with install CD template
EETH501C Fluid Temp Probe
EETH502B Surface Temp Probe
EETH503B Air Temp Probe
EECS304C-1 Soft Carry Case