ST109116 348
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The State Chemical Mark XX Parts Washer provides safe, effective cleaning, removing grease and grime easily with the citrus based cleaner.

The patented tri filtering system keeps fluid clean resulting in a product that remains a robust cleaner month after month, year after year. The filtering system removes impurities through constant filtering and circulation.

With a lowest cost in use price tag, this unit will not only provide safe cleaning but will never require emptying, sparing already over-taxed landfill but will also eliminate costly ‘cradle to grave’ disposal concerns.


  • UL-CSA approved heavy duty pump
  • 3 removable work shelves
  • Parts basket
  • Filter pad
  • Flexible metal spigot
  • Pump pre-filter
  • Built-in drain
  • Spring loaded lid closure with "Fire Link"
  • Electrostatic durable paint finish
  • CSA and NRTL/C approved

Model # ST109116

Filtration System

Filtration is the key component of the EverClear Parts Washing System. It's unique filtration system provides on-site solvent cleaning, giving you maximum use of your solvent.

The system effectively removes solids, grease and oils, allowing parts to be rinsed with clean fluid everyday. Filtering the solvent during the operation of the EverClear Parts Washer minimizes waste disposal and helps control costs.

The result is a system that continuously recycles and purifies to provide clean solvent on a day-to-day basis.

ST103607 348EverClear Bag Filter
  • Heavy duty solvent filtrating unit
  • Acts as a final barrier to both solid and oil contamination
  • Leaves solvent clear and clean on a day-to-day basis
  • Increases the degreasing power
  • Lasts three to six months in moderately loaded systems
  • Clean Solvent Every Time!

Model # ST103607

ST109287 348EverClear Side Cartridge Filter
  • Heavy-duty solvent filtrating unit
  • Acts as a final barrier to both solid and oil contamination
  • Leaves solvent ultra-clean
  • Filter particulates down to 50 microns
  • Lasts up to 6 months in moderately loaded systems

Model # ST109287

ST25065 348Current Issue Citrus Solution

Current Issue attacks dirt and grease instantly. Its high dielectric strength of over 40,000 volts and its non-corrosive, non-caustic properties make it an ideal cleaner and degreaser.

Today's Current Issues:

  • Finding safer, more effective ways of cleaning and degreasing is a priority these days.
  • Protecting our environment and reducing the use of chlorinated products for cleaning and degreasing are top concerns, and
  • it should be economical as well.

State Answers Today's Current Issues:

  • Current Issue contains organic naturally occurring solvents.
  • It lives up to all of today's high environmental standards.
  • Current Issue contains no chlorinated solvents and no chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) to protect our environment. The formula contains a bio-degradable citrus solvent.
  • It leaves no residue and no dilution is necessary.
  • Current Issue is not a RCRA hazardous waste.
  • Available in two convenient forms; aerosol and bulk.

Model # ST25065 - 75 L Drum

Model # ST25066 - (4) 4 L Jugs

ST107480 348New Era Soya Solution


  • Cuts grease, no residue
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-acidic, non-corrosive
  • High Flashpoint
  • Naturally Derived Soy Solvent

Model # ST107480 - 75 Litre Drum

Model  # ST107479 - (4) 4 L